About O2 Cleaned Tanks & Stickers

It is my policy not to replace old "O2 Cleaned" stickers with my "O2 Cleaned" sticker UNLESS I have O2 cleaned your tank & valve.
I will however put my "O2 cleaned" sticker at time of VIP or Hydro on tanks that I have O2 cleaned myself within 2 to 3 years

Why? Because it would be representing that the Tank & Valve was O2 cleaned on the date indicated on my sicker,
while actually, I might have done just a VIP or Hydro and NOT have cleaned the tank


You come in with your tank that was O2 cleaned 2 or 3+ years ago as shown on the latest visible sticker,
and want a VIP & a fill, A nitrox fill at that.

First & foremost, if I remove your old VIP/O2 cleaned sticker and put MY VIP sticker with the "O2 Cleaned" box punched out,
it indicates to the next Gas blender you get to fill your tank, that recently (as indicated by the inspection date on my sticker)
the tank & valve were O2 cleaned on the date that I just VIP/Hydro'd your tank. That's a HUGE misrepresentation

Sure, the tank IS most likely still o2 clean (unless the shop that fills your tank does not have Oxygen Compatible Air,
in which case Hydrocarbon has been accumulating in your tank since it was last o2 cleaned. It's dirty again.)

If the tank looks cleaned when I do the visual on it, then I have no problem blending gas for it, eventhough it might of been
cleaned 3 or more years ago.